Performing Arts

At Northampton International Academy the Performing Arts department is the heartbeat of the school.  It is an inclusive environment that all our pupils can express their creativity and imagination.  Performing arts offers Music, Dance and Drama.  This will develop well-rounded pupils by giving them real life experiences and embedding transferable skills which will enable them to achieve their full potential moving forward both in education and beyond.  There are three core concepts used, CPR (creating, performing and responding) which will enhance our pupils’ skills and knowledge across all 3 subjects and form the basis of all faculty assessments. 

As a department we:

  • Develop strong communication, performance, listening and feedback skills
  • Encourage independent and collaborative work opportunities
  • Give access to a variety of different experiences within our industries
  • Promote and embrace the pupils’ enjoyment, autonomy and passion within our subjects 
  • Explore a wide variety of units and cross-curricular opportunities within our faculty and beyond
  • Develop transferable skills
  • To nurture passion and inquisitiveness in individuals who see the world in an artistic way

Explore a range of topics across all three subjects to allow pupils to develop an understanding and appreciation of the arts formed in a contemporary society and throughout the world.

Performing arts lessons are dynamic, energetic, differentiated and engaging to our pupils.  This provides them a vehicle to access the skills and continually build on them.   We believe our subjects should be accessible to all pupils and they will be provided teaching professionals who have a wealth of experience within the industry and in education.  The Performing Arts curriculum promotes a sense of self-worth, encourages confidence, resilience and develops relationships.  In key stage 3 our pupils are given the foundations of our subjects and basic core skills that are important for life long lessons.  In key stages 4 and 5 our curriculum allows pupils to develop a deeper understanding of cultural, background and influences across our three subject areas.  We promote a sense of leadership and independence that will support our pupils to further their learning and understanding. 


Music, dance and drama encourage our pupils to express through literacy and aurally, supporting them to think analytically about the arts, thinking critically and becoming confident as self-reflectors.   Dance, Music and Drama develop an appreciation for performing arts and allow our pupils to grow into well rounded adults. The full range of job roles within performing arts industries are explored throughout the curriculum. We offer a range of extra-curricular activities including school musicals, festivals, concerts, showcases and competitions which we encourage all key stages to take part in.  This allows our pupils to experience a taste of the industry and demonstrate professionalism within the arts.




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