Music and Performing Arts - Primary

Performing Arts aims to be the heartbeat of the school. It gives the pupils a powerful form of communication that can change the way they think, feel and act. The Performing Arts department offers Music, Dance and Drama. This will develop well-rounded pupils by giving them real life experiences and embedding transferable skills which will enable them to achieve their full potential moving forward both in education and beyond. There are three core concepts used, CPR (creating, performing and responding) which will enhance our pupils’ skills and knowledge across all 3 subjects and form the basis of all faculty assessments.

As a universal language, music embodies a completely inclusive environment.

This enables all our pupils to express their creativity and imagination, whilst exploring a variety of genres and instruments through the three main pillars of musicianship: Technical, Expressive and Constructive.

Through meaningful structured discussion, collaborative and independent exploration of sound and technique pupils will:

  • build their self-confidence, self-expression and rehearsal etiquette
  • learn to justify their own thoughts and feelings about musical intention using appropriate musical vocabulary
  • use their own learning to feedback to peers about each other’s performances and compositions as well as evaluate their own work
  • study a broad variety of music from different countries, cultures and traditions
  • develop a critical ear along with an empathy, understanding and respect for a musical genre’s origins then be able incorporate this into their own compositions and performances.
  • develop individual passions and inquisitiveness in an artistic way whilst continuously developing the core musical principals of listening and appraising, composing and performance both as a soloist or a member of an ensemble.

Through EYFS and Key Stage 1 Pupils will focus on exploring the core musical elements through listening, composition and performance whilst learning how these can be used to communicate a sense of mood, feeling or story. Pupils will use pictures and symbols to share their own ideas.

In Key Stage 2 Pupils will engage with the musical elements by performing in a variety of contexts with increased musicality. They will compose with an understanding of balance and structure and use appropriate vocabulary to listen critically to a wide array of musical genres. Pupils will also use basic written notation and music technology to communicate their ideas

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