We offer students a wide range of opportunities to expand their knowledge and pursue personal interests at Post-16 level.

Our exciting Post-16 curriculum utilising the latest technology and teaching methods is designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century learner and help you realise your future aspirations. Student progress is carefully tracked in a caring and supporting environment that facilitates progression.

There are three qualification pathways available to students:

Several courses have minimum GCSE requirements that students must meet in order to sit them. Although NIA prides itself on inclusivity, it is important that all students study courses on which they will be successful.

Students must achieve grade 7 or above to study mathematics at A-Level. Grade 6 or above is required in the following subjects to pursue them Post-16: biology, chemistry, physics, English literature. Additionally, to study psychology or sociology, students must achieve grade 6s in Science at GCSE.

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