Pastoral Support

A place where everyone is known and belongs…

At Northampton International Academy we invest strongly in the care, welfare and happiness of our community.

To ensure the very best support and care, we have adopted a year group model which creates a sense of family and belonging.

Each year group has a dedicated Head of Year whose job it is support students both pastorally and academically. The Heads of Year are ably supported and assisted by Pastoral Support Assistants who are available to both students and parents/carers throughout the day. Within each year group we have an excellent team of Form Tutors, which support students to make good progress in their lessons and also help to foster a sense of family.

Each year group in the Secondary Phase is line managed by a Head of Key Stage and an Assistant Headteacher who focus on the day to day welfare needs of students and carefully monitor their academic progress.

The role of the Form Tutor (secondary) and the Class Teacher (Primary) is to: -

  • Ensure that the attendance register is marked on time and accurately
  • Be fully aware of the Child Protection Policies and immediately refer concerns to the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs)
  • Deliver all tutor time programmes (secondary)
  • Check students uniform and follow up issues with home
  • Support their tutees/students academically to ensure they can reach their full potential
  • Work with their line manager to identify vulnerable students
  • Positively promote the ethos and culture of the school
  • Ensure that their tutees/students are aware of all crucial policies, including fire evacuation procedures
  • Ensure that the rewards policy is followed
  • Ensure that tutees/students receive all messages and communications from school
  • Engage in the PSHE programme
  • Ensure a culture of learning by checking that their tutees/students complete all classwork and homework
  • Complete documentation such as reports and references on tutee/students
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