Maths - Secondary

At NIA, we believe that competency in Mathematics and Numeracy is at the heart of the curriculum, the gateway to problem solving, and the core of conceptual and practical learning. The study of Mathematics is the doorway to enhancing achievement and to promoting individual empowerment of reasoned and logical thought. As a subject we aim:

  • to promote high achievement across the curriculum.
  • to promote students’ enjoyment of, and engagement with, mathematics.
  • to encourage and develop mastery of mathematical concepts.
  • to evaluate, analyse and critique different methods and approaches to problem solving.
  • to foster a love of the subject and find validation for its place in real world contexts.

Teachers of Mathematics and Numeracy ensure that lessons are dynamic and engage learners through highly effective strategies, including autonomous choice, creative expression, collaboration and active learning. The teaching and learning approach to this subject is underpinned with the principles of developing a growth mind-set, building resilience, and instilling a culture of independent and enquiring minds.

Throughout Key Stages 3 to 4 we deliver a spiral curriculum designed to embed the practice of retrieval persistently throughout the subject so as students retain knowledge well throughout their time at NIA.  We revisit concepts each year but add complexity to the units studied to ensure to develop confidence and fluency in the subject. In Key Stage 5 we further develop the concepts learnt prior and offer the opportunities to utilise mathematical concepts in broader contexts.


As maths is relevant to all career pathways, we embed problems within the maths content to apply the knowledge which may seem abstract to real world appropriate problems.  This is common practice throughout KS3 to 5 and in line with the style of exam questions.

British Values are actively encouraged to be discussed in class in relation to maths and the application of topics to this where they apply.

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