Work Experience Week - May 2024

All Year 10 learners at NIA participate in a week long Work Experience placement in the summer term. To coordinate this, we partner with education business company, LEBC, who reach out to local employers and complete rigorous health and safety risk assessments on all companies to ensure our learners enjoy a safe and valuable work experience placement.

Work experience in Year 10 is important for learners because it can:

  • Refine their choice of electives and further learning
  • Find out what jobs are really like
  • Make contact with employers
  • Put classroom theory into practice
  • Develop essential employability skills and personal qualities such as communication, confidence and maturity, team working, time management and problem solving.

The Student Directory gives further information about work experience and explains each industry sector and the potential student job roles within it. Please use this to assist in completing the application form. Paper application forms will be given out in tutor time, but are also available to download and print at home here. Self Placement forms are available on request from Miss Edwards, Miss Tandoh or form tutors, and also available to download and print at home here.

Work Experience Placement 

Introducing students to the world of work can help them understand the work environment, choose future careers, or prepare for employment. It can take the form of a short or longer placement with a placement provider (employer) where students will have the opportunity to observe and practice work tasks.

Could you provide a work experience placement?
If you are interested in becoming a placement provider for an NIA student, either this year or in the future, please use the information provided in the booklets below to understand the role of a work placement employer.  The Employer/Student agreement form may also be completed by employers to offer their services and add themselves to the bank of employers we use for Careers events and work experience.  Please feel free to download and complete this form, then send to the NIA Careers Lead, Maria Edwards by emailing

All students and parents/carers can address any careers advice queries to our Careers Lead Geraldine Tandoh

Further careers advice and guidance is readily available online. We recommend How 2 Become as a starting point for careers guidance and resources. 



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