International Dimension

We are proud to have created a school community where students and staff value, respect and nurture one another. 

As an international school, NIA strives to positively embrace and celebrate the diversity which exists within our school community, ensuring all students, regardless of their heritage culture, feel respected, supported and engaged in their learning experience.  We encourage students to share with us their life experiences, drawing parallels to what makes us similar and different, and breaking down misconceptions and prejudice where they exist.  Through a number of different activities, such as the European Day of Languages and the delivery of PSHE lessons, we have created a school where differences are celebrated and add to the richness of the learning experience.  We are committed to the study and understanding of languages and exploration of different cultures.

Alongside our celebration of diversity, we are also committed to giving our students the greatest chance of accessing the world outside of NIA.  We aim to create truly global citizens, with a strong sense of British values and global responsibility; who are equipped to excel on an international platform.  Over the last year we have built a number of links internationally, through school partnerships in Germany, Norway, Denmark and Belgium. We have also built on our relationships with schools in Sierra Leone and Cambodia.

International and cultural education is planned for across year groups and key stages and with cross curricular links in mind. The appreciation and celebration of different cultures and countries is embedded deep within the teaching of PSHE, SMSC and FBV, as well as within all curriculum areas.

We are proud to have achieved the British Council Intermediate International Schools Award and are actively working towards accreditation as an International School in the near future.

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