English - Secondary

The English curriculum is designed around our passion for sharing great literature, encouraging students to read widely and regularly at an age-appropriate standard.

Reading, both for pleasure and analysis, is at the forefront of everything we do; we believe in giving students the opportunities to engage with the world in which they live, whilst exploring a range of writers and genres. We celebrate vocabulary and communication skills- insisting on high standards both in writing and oracy. We want students to leave with a high level of linguistic knowledge and appreciation so that they can communicate effectively and appreciate the nuances of how language is used in the world outside school!

We give opportunities for students to approach a range of topics, often connected with learning in Humanities, with a thematic approach. Students are encouraged to develop on reading and writing skills in an interleaved way- using great texts to encourage great writing.

In Year 7, we focus on language skills: building close language analysis in reading and developing vocabulary in writing.

In Year 8, we continue to develop language analysis skills, but connect this with structure and form analysis: enabling students to talk about a text more holistically and consider how to structure their own writing for effect.

In Year 9, we focus on GCSE Literature texts, allowing students to read these texts in full and explore the context and writers’ messages in depth. Time is also spent developing a range of different writing styles to complement study of each text. We ensure students’ analytical skills and knowledge of the texts is strong and embedded before they embark on a full GCSE curriculum in Years 10 and 11.


With its pre-eminent position in the curriculum, English offers abundant opportunities for students to develop skills which will be invaluable for them in employment, such as communication, time management, team-work and an analytical focus. We also give more focused opportunities through trips, visiting authors and relevant topical/current affairs. Every year group can explore careers that link to a module of study, for example, in year 8 the study of ‘Salt to the Sea’ by Ruta Sepetys is linked to human rights, the law and the UDHR.

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