Sixth Form Attire

Dress Code for Sixth Form Women:

A plain jacket (optional), suit material:

A skirt

  • Not above the knee
  • No maxi skirts to be worn
  • Skirts should not be too tight e.g. bodycon


  • Full length, reaching the ankle, not shorts − Trousers should not be too tight and not made of jeans material
  • Trousers should be plain coloured (floral or patterned are permitted)
  • Leggings are not permitted

A dress

  • Not above the knee
  • Dresses should not be too tight e.g. bodycon
  • Dresses should not be revealing or see-through


  • Should not be low cut or see-through
  • Shoulders not exposed   
  • No Strappy Tops 
  • Should cover the stomach
  • T-shirts are not permitted.

Jumpers / Cardigans

  • May be round or V-neck
  • Should fit under a jacket


  • High heels are permitted but not stilettos
  • Shoes can be any colour
  • Smart ankle boots are allowed
  • Knee-high boots are not allowed


  • Scarves are allowed, but no hats
  • No Extreme hairstyles
  • Plain tights

No facial piercings except:

  • Earrings (no more than two per ear)
  • If in doubt, decide whether you would wear the items you are considering for school for a formal interview and/or ask a member of staff (before you wear any new items!)

Dress Code for Sixth Form Men:

A  Suit or Blazer/Jacket

Shirt with collar and tie, top buttons should be done up

Smart shoes, no trainers

Jumpers (V-neck or round neck) can be worn


  • Full length − Trousers should not be made of jeans material
  • Trousers should be plain coloured
  • Shorts are not permitted


  • No hats
  • No Extreme hairstyles

No facial piercings except:

  • Earring (no more than one stud per ear)

Sanctions for Violations of Dress Code:

  • First offence - Uniform Violation recorded
  • Second offence - Uniform Violation recorded and email home
  • Third offence - Uniform Violation recorded, Head of Sixth Form detention (Friday lunchtime) and letter home

 (Based on accumulation of Uniform Violations within a half term.)

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