Religious Studies - Secondary

Students at NIA have a wealth of diverse experiences of religion, so it is vitally important that students gain not only a tolerance, but an active appreciation for the beliefs of others. To allow this to happen students learn not only about the ‘Major 5’ religions but also alternative belief systems such as Humanism. When studying different religions in depth, students not only learn about what the beliefs are of that particular group, but also examine where these beliefs have come from and the impact they can have on individual lives. For example, when studying Judaism, the topic ends with lessons relating to anti-Semitism, both historically and in modern times and discuss moral concerns with these ideas.

Students start Key Stage 3 with an introduction to religious ideas. As this does not relate to a specific religion it allows students to understand that people might have a belief, why this belief might be different to theirs, and the impact this can have on the lives of individuals. They also examine ideas surrounding the impact Christian traditions have had on British Values, and explore the notion that religion impacts everyone’s lives in some way. 

At Key Stage 4 students are introduced to a range of different religious ideas, including Islam, Buddhism and Humanism, looking at the core ideas, where they have come from, and the impact on lives. Students have also explored their own opinions and where their ideas have come from as they have looked at a varied range of philosophical and ethical topics that impact all elements of everyday life.


Studying religious studies has an occupational benefit in that students will gain an awareness of their own opinion and the opinion of others. Beyond careers within religion this will also enable students in careers such as aid worker, care workers or learning disability nurse, it can also help careers with high levels of communication such as human resources and working for the civil service.

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