Celebration and Recognition Awards 2022

Congratulations to all of the finalists and winners of this year's awards.

The awards aim to recognise the efforts and contributions of pupils and staff across the seven schools that make up the East Midlands Academy Trust and to celebrate our high achievers and unsung heroes. 

Here are all the finalists, plus the winners from Northampton International Academy. 

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Inspirational Pupil Award

Winner - Anca Georgescu, Northampton International Academy


Abel Ehik, Castle Academy
Alexa Zorilla, Northampton International Academy
Alfie-James Weaving, Hardingstone Academy
Amardeep Sharma, Orchard Academy
Anca Georgescu, Northampton International Academy
Athena Thompson, Northampton International Academy
Ayan Patel, Orchard Academy
Azariah Pierre, Stimpson Avenue Academy
Deborah Atigogo, Prince William School
Edward Mould-Armstead, Northampton International Academy
Ephraim Ntumba, Northampton International Academy
Ieva Anusaite, Stimpson Avenue Academy
Iqra Adnain, Orchard Academy
Jahykye Pavlou, Castle Academy
Jamal Mbarak, Castle Academy
Lucas Ashton, Stimpson Avenue Academy
Maisie Stearnes, Stimpson Avenue Academy
Mia-Ella Prichard Marshall, Orchard Academy
Middy McQuillan, Shepherdswell Academy
Rokas Juknevicius, Castle Academy
Soniya Halageri, Shepherdswell Academy
Thomas Hales, Prince William School
Toby Reed, Prince William School


Teacher of the Year

Winner - Hannah Auger, Northampton International Academy 


Aaron Burrows, Prince William School 
Adrian Lett, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Anna Mayes, Prince William School 
Asha Hafidh, Castle Academy 
Ashley Carrol, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Bethany Harmes, Hardingstone Academy 
Charlotte Allan, Prince William School  
Charlotte Walker-Collins, Northampton International Academy 
Chloe Jessop, Prince William School 
Colbie Robinson, Shepherdswell Academy 
Connor Leason, Northampton International Academy 
Dan Davis, Orchard Academy 
David Braithwaite, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
David Walters, Hardingstone Academy 
Ellen Williams, Shepherdswell Academy 
Emma Mundy, Orchard Academy
Graham Trotter, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Hannah Auger, Northampton International Academy 
Harriet Welch, Castle Academy 
Huw Lewis, Castle Academy 
Joanne Bennett, Prince William School 
Jonathan Chambers, Prince William School  
Jonathan Wilson, Orchard Academy 
Josh Furbank, Prince William School 
Kay Sammon, Prince William School 
Kim Homard-Roy, Prince William School 
Lauren Milne, Northampton International Academy 
Lucy Sutherland, Northampton International Academy 
Luke Bartishel, Orchard Academy 
Pakiza Naseri, Orchard Academy 
Rebecca McAleenan, Castle Academy 
Rhian Lewis, Northampton International Academy 
Sam Longden, Hardingstone Academy 
Sophia Coleman, Hardingstone Academy 
Sophie Dimmock, Orchard Academy 
Stephanie Gonda, Prince William School 

Support Staff Member of the Year

Winner -  Kayleigh Lavelle, Northampton International Academy 


Ann Scott, Orchard Academy and Shepherdswell Academy 
Charlotte Lowe, Orchard Academy 
Claire Furniss, Stimpson Avenue Academy
Danielle Heneghan, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Deanna Leigh-Brown, Prince William School 
Debbie Smith, Castle Academy 
Di Livingstone and Ali Dowler, Hardingstone Academy 
Doriana Rustemaj, Castle Academy  
Emma Bloomfield, Castle Academy 
Emma Gray, Castle Academy 
Holly Diggin, Castle Academy 
Jo Gallagher, Prince William School 
Joanne Giddings, Prince William School 
Joanne Mackay, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Kayleigh Lavelle, Northampton International Academy 
Kelly Avery, Shepherdswell Academy 
Kelly McGhee, Prince William School 
Lisa Howarth, Hardingstone Academy 
Mathew Edmonds, Northampton International Academy 
Maureen Evans, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Michelle Taylor, Hardingstone Academy  
Monica Doyle, Northampton International Academy 
Paige Murdin, Castle Academy 
Paul Freeland, Northampton International Academy 
Sally Carter, Northampton International Academy 
Sam James, Orchard Academy 
Sarah Fordrey, Hardingstone Academy 
Sean Croke, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Shukri Ahmed, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Sophia Nordberg, Hardingstone Academy 
Su Parker, Northampton International Academy 
Tom Kirton, Castle Academy 
Tracey McLean, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Zoe Dawson, Prince William School 

SEND Star of the Year

Winner - Danielle Edmunds, Northampton International Academy 


Abel Ehik, Castle Academy
Barney Lewis, Prince William School 
Chantelle James, Hardingstone Academy 
Dalal Sheekh, Castle Academy 
Danielle Edmunds, Northampton International Academy 
Gloria Augustine, Northampton International Academy 
Ieva Anusaite, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Kian O’Donovan, Stimpson Avenue Academy 
Kirsty Craven, Castle Academy 
Melek Aliosman, Castle Academy
Rio Dafter, Castle Academy 
Samantha Driver, Orchard Academy 
Stephanie Fairbrother, Orchard Academy 
The NIA SEND team, Northampton International Academy 
Zoe Oshoakpeme, Shepherdswell Academy 

Volunteer of the Year


  • Sue Shippen


Fiona Wheeler, Trustee
Sue Shippen, Hardingstone Academy PTA
Jenny Nimmo, Governor 

Achievement Award


  • Sean Culley, Hardingstone Academy


Demi Ogoigbe, Castle Academy
Sean Culley, Hardingstone Academy 
Abeeha Naveed, Orchard Academy 
Patience Kitchen, Prince William School
Hannah Wilson, Prince William School 
Chikamso Nnabuihe-Nwagwu, Prince William School


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