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Our Sixth Form curriculum is designed to maximise the potential of young people.

Working in partnership with students and parents, we will ensure every student follows a personalised programme of study that allows them to make progress and that will prepare them for Post-18 education and work.

This means that all our students will be enrolled on courses that are challenging and appropriate for their background and ambition. Students will receive guidance and support in Sixth Form. They will also be given the opportunity to engage with purposeful and meaningful non-qualification activities.


Students sit linear A-Levels in all subjects. This means that students will be assessed at the end of Year 13. Full mock exams will be sat by Year 12 students for each subject during Term 6. This will be used as the basis for UCAS references.

To take an A-Level, students must meet the individual subject grade requirement, which is generally 5 Grade 5s of more, including English and Maths, as well as Grade 6 grades in any relevant GCSE subject. More information can be found on individual subject pages.

All A-Levels are challenging, high-status qualifications, but some are particularly prized by universities and employers. These are called facilitating subjects and we encourage all students to study at least 1 of the following:

  • English (Literature or Language)
  • Mathematics
  • The Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science)
  • Humanities (History and Geography)
  • Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish, German and French, subject to availability)



BTEC lessons will be as practical as possible and will focus on preparation for application of skills in the workplace.

BTECs will be certifiable at the end of Year 12 and at the end of Year 13. Students will need 5 Grade 5s or above, including English and Maths to study BTECs, though exceptions may be made to this rule.

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