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Careers Mission Statement

At NIA it is our aim to ensure that all children achieve their personal best. In careers education, this translates into every pupil making aspirational choices for their progression. Through informed and personalised careers guidance we will ensure, that whatever pathway they choose (academic, vocational or apprenticeship), they will be equipped with the skills, knowledge and understanding to prepare them for the world of work. The programme will include independent advice and guidance in addition to an embedded curriculum programme matched to the Gatsby Benchmarks. 

It is our goal to ensure that at 100% of children at NIA will meet the government expectation post 16 by:

  • staying in full-time education
  • starting an apprenticeship or training programme
  • spending 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering, while in part-time education or training

We will do this through bespoke careers guidance, by brokering appropriate work or training placements and in tracking destinations. 

It is our goal to ensure that post 18 all young people gain access to education, employment or training that ensures their progression into higher education, training or the world of work. 

All careers advice offered will be monitored by SLT and the LAB and Trust at LAB meetings.

NIA Careers Policy 2021-2022

Help with Options

Having to choose which GCSEs to study can be a daunting task yet it is a really important decision.

Use this page to help consider what your choices can lead to. The links below can help match subjects to career paths.

  • Where could computing take you?
  • Which careers require you to have a qualification in science?
  • Is the music industry just about singing and playing instruments?
  • What could you do with a modern foreign language qualification?

My World of Work lets you enter up to 5 subjects that you enjoy and identifies possible careers for you to consider. The National Careers Service has information relating to subjects you are good at and subjects you enjoy.

ICould has some very good career videos as does CareersBox which not only give information on the career but what to consider in terms of education.

Science Buddies is a fantastic website if you enjoy the STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and maths) providing lots of information on different careers linked to these subjects. Although an American site the information is just as valid and there is a section on health related careers too.

Apprenticeships and Training

Many companies and organisations offer apprenticeships of various levels. The term ‘earn as you learn’ reflects the nature of apprenticeships in that you will earn a wage as you are working for a business whilst learning as you go. At the end of your apprenticeship, be that 12 months, 18 months, 3 years (or more, depending on the level you are working at) you will receive your qualification.

Many organisations also retain their apprentices so there is often a chance you will continue in your employment with the company you have trained with.

You may also want to consider a traineeship if you are not quite equipped to go onto an apprenticeship or straight into work. Traineeships are for those who might benefit from work experience placements which help them to prepare for getting a real job. A traineeship could last 6 months and will support you in getting level 2 Maths and English qualifications.

There are many websites that can provide you with information about apprenticeships and traineeships. Some of our recommendations include the government’s Get In Go FarCareerPilot and notgoingtouni. These sites explain the various levels of apprenticeship, provide case studies and videos so you can get the perspectives of students that have gone on to undertake apprenticeships, and help and advice features. They also provide a search facility to enable you to look for apprenticeships in different sectors up and down the country.

Some facts and figures….

According to the GOV.UK website:

  • Apprenticeships are available in 1500 job roles, covering more than 170 industries, from advertising to youth work and from environmental engineering to legal.
  • Up to 28,000 apprenticeship vacancies are available online at any one time.
  • After finishing, the majority of apprentices (90%) will stay in employment (including 2% self-employed), with seven in ten (71%) staying with the same employer.
  • A quarter of former apprentices had received a promotion (23%) within 12 months of finishing, and for intermediate and advance apprentices, three quarters reported taking on more responsibility in their job after completing their apprenticeship.

Our mission is ‘A Local School, Global Vision’ The NIA is committed to providing students with a programme of careers education, information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) for all students in years 7 – 13 (year 10 – 13 planned in preparation for new cohorts)

We encourage our students to move onto their ‘Next Steps’ having developed the key employability and enterprise skills which are highly valued in the world of work. By working in collaboration with local employers, SEMLEP, universities and colleges to receive excellent current advice and guidance,  our aim is for every child to fulfil their potential and be inspired to achieve a successful future, making well informed, aspirational decisions. Using the Gastby benchmarks as the foundation of the CEIAGS programme, every student will have opportunities, have 1:1 and group guidance from a range of experts in their fields. Using the careers programme KUDOS, students will research a range of careers choices, explore local and national labour market information and consider all post 16 and 18 options. 

Gatsby Benchmarks

All students, parents and carers can address any careers advice queries to our Careers Lead Michelle Llabani at  

Please look at this website for more careers resources


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