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Design Technology and Textiles

The department aims to create the environment and the opportunity for all students at Key Stage 3 and 4 to develop their creative and manufacturing skills in a wide range of media and materials.  They should be able to communicate their ideas and designs and to learn practical and skillful ways in which to manufacture their concepts. 

The social and moral issues of designing and manufacturing along with the environmental impact of design will be studied alongside the use of biomimicry, electronics, CAD/CAM, CNC and robotic control. All projects will ensure that success is achievable by all, yet outcomes can be personalised according to each student’s ability and aptitude.  Every project will allow all students to stretch, develop and challenge themselves to become independent learners.  Students will be challenged to experiment and try ideas that do not always guarantee success but embed a culture of learning from mistakes being more valuable than not stretching oneself beyond knowledge already attained and of being afraid to make a mistake. All students will be encouraged to take part in competitions and to be as active as possible in the workshops, D&T Clubs and other practical activities. The D&T Department aims to be a place where every child could achieve to the best of their ability and learn, develop and explore their creative ability.


The D&T schemes of work will allow all students to appreciate what is around them and the diversity of the roles and functions that D&T has to offer. The study of influential designers, traditional materials and manufacturing techniques as well as new, Smart, Modern materials and new technologies are an integral part of the student experience.

Click on the document below for our Design Technology and Textiles curriculum map.

DT and Textiles


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