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Proposed changes to the secondary school day

We are currently consulting on some proposed changes to the structure of the school day at Northampton International Academy for the secondary phase.

These proposed changes are:

  • Key Stage 3 (years 7, 8, 9) proposed start time: 8.30, proposed finish time: 15:00 
  • Key Stage 4 (years 10, 11) & Key Stage 5 (years 12, 13) proposed start time: 9.00, proposed finish time: 15:30
  • Breaks and lunchtimes will be staggered to accommodate learners in specific year group slots.

Should the changes be approved, they will come into force from 1st September 2021.

We believe that these changes will be beneficial to the school and local community. The staggered start and end time means that there is a focus on the specific year group at the start and end of the school day to enable more targeted pastoral support.

In addition, this will ease learner and parent/carer congestion on the plaza and will ease traffic congestion on Barrack Road and surrounding areas. Within school, staggered lunch and break times will also ensure that canteen capacity is appropriate for hot food options.

We appreciate that these changes may affect you, in terms of childcare or working arrangements and in terms of your child’s education. Please share your feedback on our proposed changes by emailing

The results of the consultation will be published in the week of May 31st 2021 via Edulink, on our website and in the newsletter.

The primary phase will revert to its pre-COVID start and end times of 8.45-15.15.

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