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Pupil Guide

Remote Learning for NIA Students

Guidance for Students from Monday 23rd March – Friday 3rd April

Expectations for Learning at Home

What is happening across the country and the world may feel overwhelming and a bit worrying, but remember that all the decisions that are being made by our Government, which includes closing schools for the time being, are about keeping you safe and healthy.

All of your teachers and support staff at NIA are still here to support you in your learning. We will be uploading work for you to complete for each of your subjects onto this website. Select the ‘Working from Home’ tab to pick your subject and year group to access your work.

We will be sending you home with your PSHCE / Citizenship books that you use in Friday tutor time – complete all of your work in this book (remember to keep it looking beautiful!)

Please read the guide below for more information.


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