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Parent Guide

The teaching and support staff at NIA are committed to ensuring the ongoing learning of all our pupils during this challenging and unprecedented period of school closure. Whilst our learners are at home in the coming weeks, we will be providing learning activities, guidance, and lesson content for all year groups on the ‘Working from Home’ tab on this site.

We expect our learners to access and complete the work set by their teachers for each subject area so as to continue their scheduled education.

We would also encourage you to take this time to develop your young people by exploring opportunities to research areas of interest, develop a new talent, invest in a hobby, or learn something completely new using the resources available to you in the home.

In order to support you as parents and carers through this time, we have provided some ideas and guidance to facilitating this remote learning over the coming weeks.

Please read the guide below for more information.


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Parent Guide Remote Learning for NIA Students 19th Mar 2020 Download
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