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Examination Guidance for Parents

Welcome to the Northampton International Academy examination information page.

Students begin their GCSE courses at the beginning of Year 10 and GCEs in Year 12. Class tests become more formal and yearly assessments for most subjects take place in the exam room. This allows students to become familiar not just with the rules and regulations but also to become accustomed and hopefully more comfortable in a very different space and setting.

All staff at Northampton International Academy work hard to ensure that the examination experience is as stress free and successful as possible for all of our pupils. All documentation, timetables and information relating to formal internal examinations and all external, nationally set, GCSE and GCE examinations will be made available to you on this page.

The awarding bodies set down strict criteria, which must be followed by all schools across the country. These regulations are in place to make sure that examinations throughout the whole country are fair for all candidates.

Please take time to read through the various documents on this page. They offer guidance and advice on all aspects of examination regulations and specifically procedures to be followed in school. If you have any questions, need any help or advice at any time please contact Mrs L Howlett at  or through the Academy office on 01604 212811



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Information for candidates onscreen tests 1 20th Sep 2019 Download
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